May 8th: Scary Quilting Basting Spray!

May 8, 2016 : Scary Quilting Basting Spray!

So you have cut the fabric like the pattern has said to, and then you sewed all the pieces back together into an amazing creation. So you have your top done…..what now? Ohhh nnooo now I have to figure out how to make this quilt top into  a finished quilt!! So hopefully you went to PAW PATCH QUILT SHOP and bought your batting (which is the white fluffy stuff/wadding) and also the backing for the quilt! Before you leave our shop pick up some “Quilt Basting Spray”. Or if you are at home you can order the basting spray online……(IT IS ONLINE RIGHT NOW FOR 25% OFF) and we will ship it to your door. Now you are ready to layer your quilt!   You can use basting spray when hand quilting, but spray is ideally for machine quilting.  Options for basting:  hand quilting, hand baste. Machine quilting, pin or spray baste.

Step 1.) Duct tape your backing fabric face down on the table. Make sure that the fabric is taut but not stretched and wrinkle free! Once your backing fabric is down then lay your batting on top of your fabric. Smooth with you hands so that there is no wrinkles or air pockets. Now lay your quilt top on top of the other two layers! 🙂 

Step 2.) Open doors or windows so that you do not breath in a lot of the spray.

Step 3.) You’ll want to find the center of the quilt. You will then go to the side of the width quilt and pull back just the quilt top and batting. The backing should still be duct taped to the table. You will then pull back the two layer so it covers the other half of the quilt. Like in the picture here. Note:  when we are layering a large quilt, king or queen we will fold in thirds and fourths to make the bulk more manageable. Once it is pulled back half way you can start spraying.   To baste-quilt-fold-back-500x333

spray you want to hold the can 6-8 inches above the fabric and spray from left to right from one end of the quilt to the other. Let it set in for 5  minutes. After 5 minutes only pull back the batting and start in the middle rubbing out the wrinkles…it’s like putting up wallpaper. Make sure everything is smooth. Now you can repeat the spraying instructions on the next layer. Once you let the spray set in for 5 minutes pull back the quilt top. Now this step you want to take your time and make sure your seams are straight and there is now wrinkles. It is best to start in the middle and work your way to the edges. Now you should have one half of you quilt basted! Woohoo!

Step 4.) Repeat step 3 to the other half of your quilt making sure in each layer there is no wrinkles! 

Step 5.) Now the whole quilt is basted…what a relief! So now you can trim the excess batting and backing but leave about  3-5 inches all around. Once you have trimmed the excess, now you need to fold up the edges to the front edge.

Great you made it through the quilt basting process, it’s not that bad once you know how to do it! 

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