Get Paid $5,000 for Making a Quilt!!

A Challenge! Featuring 12 Bella Solids

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of Moda’s Bella Solids we are hosting a challenge
inspired by our leader, Mark Dunn’s, passion for textiles and love of color!
Entries should have a contemporary feel and must include
only these 12 Bella Solids and a piece of each must be used.
Any type of piecing, quilting, embroidery, etc. may be used to create your masterpiece.

Get Ready, Get Set…Stitch!

Make sure you sign up for the Challenge Here!

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All quilters who are inspired by the love of textiles and color and would like to create a contemporary art quilt using these 12 Bella Solids.


  • Quilt must contain only these 12 Bella Solids shown above and a piece of each must be used. Any type of piecing, quilting, embroidery, etc. can be used to create a masterpiece.
  • Quilt(s) must measure 72″x 90″.
  • Quilt(s) must be an original design.
  • Quilt must be quilted. No quilt tops will be accepted.
  • Quilt must be labeled with Maker’s and Quilter’s name, city and contact information.
  • Top 3 National winning quilt(s) will become the property of Moda Fabrics.
  • No limit to number of entries. International entries will be accepted.


Dates: February 1, 2017 – September 12, 2017

  1. Digital image of quilt must be received no later than Tuesday, September 12. All the entries will be judged. Six finalists will be chosen.
  2. Finalist quilts must be mailed at owner’s expense to Moda home office in Dallas for final judging.
  3. Moda will contact the 3 final winners on October 20th. The quilts will be on display in the Moda Fabrics booth during Fall Quilt Market, 2017.
  4. The prize money will be considered the purchased price of the three winning quilts. They will become the property of Moda Fabrics.


*First Place – $5,000
*Second Place – $3,000
*Third Place – $2,000

* Purchase Awards – Quilts become the property of Moda Fabrics.

Row by Row: Home Sweet Home

Row by Row Started!

June 21, 2016

We are so excited to finally start Row by Row for the second time. Last year we meet so many new people and this year will be another exciting year to meet people from all over the country and maybe the world. We have three quilts this year. A barn quilt with the famous sheep from last year and two quilts that have the famous OHIO, one Patriotic and the other Buckeye! I will start posting where everyone is from is you all would like! Let me know!
Peacefully in Stitches,
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Re-Organizing The Oak Room!

Re-Organizing The Oak Room at Paw Patch!

May 31, 2016

jessePaw patch is online now which I all hope you know. If you do not know who we are, we are a family ran quilt shop Grandmother (Jean Hunter), Mother ( Carol Skinner) and then there is me Granddaughter ( Samantha Ramsier). We love our quilt shop and we love having the quilt to share with all of you. I am in charge of the online store and managing the shop office. We are so close to having the POS system up and running and so this weekend we re-organized and got all the fabric updated and barcode for the system. Thanks to my husband and Joanne we were able to move all the fabric and entered. 


2016 Quilt Market!

Hello Ladies:

This year is an exciting year for us with quilt market, we actually sent two of our employees to quilt market!  Grandma (Jean) , Mom (Carol), and I  (Sam) were unable to go due to vacation and health reasons. We sent Chris and Linda and they were so very excited. They have sent back so many pictures of all the people they are meeting! We cannot wait to see all the new projects and fabric they have bought! Here they are at Quilt Market and here are some pictures!

Quilt market  Look how excited they look 🙂

It is very exciting to go to Quilt Market but what they do not know is how hard it is to walk around all day and not buy everything :)))) Soon they will know 🙂

linda a winner at amy butler school house

  Linda won a prize at the Amy Butler School House!

May 8th: Scary Quilting Basting Spray!

May 8, 2016 : Scary Quilting Basting Spray!

So you have cut the fabric like the pattern has said to, and then you sewed all the pieces back together into an amazing creation. So you have your top done…..what now? Ohhh nnooo now I have to figure out how to make this quilt top into  a finished quilt!! So hopefully you went to PAW PATCH QUILT SHOP and bought your batting (which is the white fluffy stuff/wadding) and also the backing for the quilt! Before you leave our shop pick up some “Quilt Basting Spray”. Or if you are at home you can order the basting spray online……(IT IS ONLINE RIGHT NOW FOR 25% OFF) and we will ship it to your door. Now you are ready to layer your quilt!   You can use basting spray when hand quilting, but spray is ideally for machine quilting.  Options for basting:  hand quilting, hand baste. Machine quilting, pin or spray baste.

Step 1.) Duct tape your backing fabric face down on the table. Make sure that the fabric is taut but not stretched and wrinkle free! Once your backing fabric is down then lay your batting on top of your fabric. Smooth with you hands so that there is no wrinkles or air pockets. Now lay your quilt top on top of the other two layers! 🙂 

Step 2.) Open doors or windows so that you do not breath in a lot of the spray.

Step 3.) You’ll want to find the center of the quilt. You will then go to the side of the width quilt and pull back just the quilt top and batting. The backing should still be duct taped to the table. You will then pull back the two layer so it covers the other half of the quilt. Like in the picture here. Note:  when we are layering a large quilt, king or queen we will fold in thirds and fourths to make the bulk more manageable. Once it is pulled back half way you can start spraying.   To baste-quilt-fold-back-500x333

spray you want to hold the can 6-8 inches above the fabric and spray from left to right from one end of the quilt to the other. Let it set in for 5  minutes. After 5 minutes only pull back the batting and start in the middle rubbing out the wrinkles…it’s like putting up wallpaper. Make sure everything is smooth. Now you can repeat the spraying instructions on the next layer. Once you let the spray set in for 5 minutes pull back the quilt top. Now this step you want to take your time and make sure your seams are straight and there is now wrinkles. It is best to start in the middle and work your way to the edges. Now you should have one half of you quilt basted! Woohoo!

Step 4.) Repeat step 3 to the other half of your quilt making sure in each layer there is no wrinkles! 

Step 5.) Now the whole quilt is basted…what a relief! So now you can trim the excess batting and backing but leave about  3-5 inches all around. Once you have trimmed the excess, now you need to fold up the edges to the front edge.

Great you made it through the quilt basting process, it’s not that bad once you know how to do it! 

Basting Spray 25% off now!


A Funny One For Tuesday!

May 4, 2016

Happiness is making it around that last corner, but what “corner” could that bblog pe!  In life we have many corner to get around and when we do make it around those corners our lives are fully of Happiness! The same is true with quilting. Doing binding can be hard but when they are done right with the righclipist equipment it can cause happiness! 


Assorted Wonder Clips

Click Here For The Clips!

Wonder Clips are a natural for holding together layered sections of fabric during the sewing process. Quilt bindings, hems, piping, seams, etc., all can be held securely in place while sewing. Unlike pins, Wonder Clips do not leave holes in leather, delicate or vinyl/laminate type fabrics. You can easily position appliqué or hold patterns in place while marking or cutting and avoid puckering issues caused by using pins on some fabrics.





Learning Creative Grid Rulers!

Blog 05/01/2016

At Paw Patch we love our Creative Grid rulers!

The reason we love those rulers so much is because they a very easy to use. The number one reason they are easy to use is because they are made out of clear plastic and the ruler lines and numbers are black. Another reason they are so easy is because they have grippers that helps keep the ruler still on the fabric and will not move while you try to cut.

The number one reason Creative Grids are the best is because they have so many rulers and each ruler has a QR Code.

Download the app QR Reader and scan the box of the code on any  Creative Grid Ruler and it will pull up all the videos that will show you how to use the ruler properly!



A Quick Tip for Bobbins!

This is an especially helpful idea when attending a class or retreat. Store your collection of pre-wound bobbins in a bobbin case, and you’re ready to sew for hours (or days)! Pre-wound bobbins can also be purchased from us at Paw Patch Quilt Shop!




We love the Bobbin Saver! It is so wonderful to have and then you will not have bobbins laying everywhere!


Click Here For Our BibbinSaver!



Pre-wound  Cotton Bobbins



These bobbins are wounded with white cotton thread. It’s so much easier and the bobbins are wounded tighter than you could with your own machines, this will allow your machine to run smoother for you!  We sell these bobbins individually for .70 cents per.

Click Here To Order Some Bobbins!

How to choose fabric for a Quilt!

Hello Quilters!

Choosing fabrics for a quilt is one of the hardest, and most essential, tasks for a quilter but when it comes to  choosing fabrics by color is a lesson each quilter should take time to master. 

We all either have a pattern that we love and need to find the perfect fabric to make the pattern with, or we have the perfect border fabric and cannot find coordinating (go withs) fabrics to make the pattern.  But what we need to see is THIS IS THE FUN PART OF QUILTING! 🙂 

fabric line


Tip # 1. Use what you have at hand:

When purchasing your fabrics at a quilt store, often they will have coordinating fabrics arranged together. This makes it easier to find similar tones throughout several lines of fabric, even across various manufacturers.

Tip # 2.) Start with a single fabric:

If you’re unsure where to start when choosing colors for your quilt, find a single fabric that you love, then start adding complimentary fabrics. You can add and remove fabrics, as you perfect your selection. Remember to include value in your quilt (light, medium, and dark fabrics). A good rule of thumb is that each fabric should have at least two matching fabrics that play well together. As long as each fabric works well with at least two other fabrics you will have a beautiful quilt!

Tip # 3. Your fabric choices should go with the pattern:

You will need to have your quilt pattern in mind as you make your decisions. Which will be your focus fabric? Which will be your background? Do you have enough variety to keep the quilt interesting? Making sure the fabric is not too busy is key to have a brilliant quilt. One “focus” fabric will make your quilt POP!

Tip # 4. Ask US FOR HELP:

As a quilt shop owner we love to help quilters pick fabric, that is the reason we started the quilt shop in the first place. If you are at a quilt shop and they are “too” busy to help you with picking fabrics then you are at the wrong quilt shop! I know that at Paw Patch we love to people pick fabrics. Don’t be ashamed you do not have an idea we will probably give you too many, but will help you no matter what, you are the CUSTOMER!